Hot swappable?


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I just reordered my drives in my computer. I have put my main drive in my computer (outside of the bay) and I use the bay to put my secondary drive in, so I can use them both at the same time.
I understand that Windows XP (Home Edition) accepts hot swappable drives, but does that count for IDE-drives as well, in the setup I have?


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Which drives are you wanting to hot-swap? I take it that you want to keep the secondary drive permanent, and swap the main drive with another one (backup).

You'll need those mobile HD racks if you want to hotswap a HD.
I'm not totally sure about IDE drives but scsi drives work ok.


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Well, I know that there is software around for Windows 2000, and my bay came bundled with hot-swap software, but I lost it, so I was wondering if Windows XP has a built-in software for that.


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Hmm, ok. I just tried it, and it refuses to read the 'new' drive correctly. My Computer still lists the partitions from the first drive, but I can only view the cached versions of the folder contents. I also checked out the Microsoft Knowledge Base and I found this article: link.
It seems that my drives are not compatible. But, I am still looking for software, the same as that was bundled with the bay, I can't seem to remember the name.
I think the only kinds of IDE drives you can "hot swap" are two of the same exact drives. It's not really hot swapping, just fooling the computer.

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