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I am considering running a couple of web pages on my PC. What do you have to do to make that possible. I have the pages made already they are currently running on geocities.com but it keeps getting locked up. Anyway how would you set up the address link and direct people to the pages?


ahhh... A web server on your computer... I remember my first server...

First things first... What kind of connection do you have?!? A 56k ain't gonna server anything beside a very small text file...

If you have Pro you just need to install IIS... IIS6 which comes with XP is very nice and easy to use... If you have home then you'll have to get a third party webserver...

Then you need a way to let people find your computer... You need a redirector... I use DNS2Go... Very good, very reliable...

That's all ther is to it...

Keep in mind that letting people in to your computer is a security risk... The level of that risk depends on whos looking for your site... If it's family or friend, nothing to worry about... General traffic and you better lock this up tight...

Also bandwidth concerns,,, Even with a dsl or cable connection you will notice when someones DLing or on your site...


I have XP corp and MS frontpage... I'm not really sure what the rest of the stuff you were talking about is or where to get it. As for locking my comp up... like a software firewall?


First let me start on a pet peeve of mine...

People please stop sayin your using CORP!
I may be wrong but unless you have connections you can not buy CORP... Just say you have Pro!

With that said you have almost everthing you need... Go into your control panel add/remove programs > add/remove windows components and install Internet Information Services (IIS)...

Goto http://www.dns2go.com and get the program...

IIS has a lot of options so just search windows help to get setup...

I don't know about firewalls... The walls needed would have to be for a server since the requirements are different than a pc... PC walls are usable just harder to set up to let traffic in... They may be your only choice since server firewall are VERY expensive...


I added IIS and then I couldn't get back on the internet I had to remove it... I must have a setting jacked up :\


Quick corrections: XP comes with IIS 5.1, not 6. 6 will be in .net server. and xp corp can actually be pro or home. The "corp" part refers to the licensing, and any business (or private person, for that matter) can purchase volume licensing, which is usually what that is. Basically, MS sends you a few extra keys, and you can opt to purchase a special CD that doesn't require authentication to MS servers. Generally this is done because MS can trust these buyers a bit more to only install the number of licenses they own (penalties for not having licensed software in a business can be mighty hefty)

BEFORE you install IIS, please PLEASE do a little research and just make sure you can find the resources on securing it. And FYI, you would have to do the same thing if you wanted to effectively use Apache for your web server.

Lastly, you can also use everydns for your dynamic DNS needs. It's free, easy and effective. Do a few searches for hosting on the forum here and you'll pull up a buncha posts on similar topics, with snippets of relevant information. (A search for IIS will find you a post with several links that I'd posted before).

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