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horses asses


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this is a true story + also very intrestin so i thought i'd share it with u all....:p :p

did u no that the size of nasa's space ship engines were decided thousand's of year's ago by the size of a horses ass?

read on..................

the roman's built there road's very long and straight as u no (i hope) in order 2 save time beetween large cities etc. the road's were wide enough for 1 chariot 2 race along.many year's later when english engineer's were building the railway's they used the roman road's because they were straight + wen't 2 all the major places. they placed the track that the train's run on in the groves made by the chariot wheel's because it was convienent, anyway the english engineer's wen't 2 the u.s 2 build there railway's 4 them. now as it hapen's the engine 4 the shuttle has 2 pass through a tunel in some hill (u american's can tell me which 1)2 get 2 nasa. the tunel in this hill is just large enough for a train 2 get through. now what mage the railway that big??

yup the chariot. + how big was the chariot? 2 horses asses of course...

that's basically it as best as i can remember it....:rolleyes:


That may be very true henyman and I would never call you a liar (at least not on the forum in public) - but in my opinion - you are full of what came from the 2 horses asses!!

:D :D

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