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hookin up dvd player to TV

ok this is such a confusing thing that im trying to figure out , i know it requires me buyin some adapter but still can't figure out how im gonna do it.

I have an Apex DVD player with Svideo outs and AV outs only. The tv im trying to connect it to doesn't AV inputs. So i know i need some RF modulator but the problem is the TV is also connected to a sadelite box and on that sadelite box there is 3 cables coming out of it - 1 to the TV, 1 to the Cable/Antenna, and 1 to the Sadelite hole in the wall. Any ideas??

i was thinkin about using this

but i still for some reason can't picture how i can do it so the sadelittle and cable are all still workin


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That unit should work, but you'll need an extra piece of coax cable to do it. The s-vid out from the DVD player will go to the s-vid in on the rf modulator, the coax that used to go to the tv will go to the input on the rf modulator and the output of the rf modulator will go to the tv. I have a similar setup on my sons tv.
Oh, and the rf modulator will switch the signal automatically when it sees the DVD player turn on.


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You have a coax cable going from the sat box to the tv, correct? If so, then this is the only circuit you need be concerned with. You unscrew the coax from the tv and screw it to the connector marked "ant in" on the rf modulator (see pic). Then you take your extra lenth of coax that I said you'd need and screw it to the connector marked "to tv" on the rf modulator, and the other end to the tv. Your s-vid cable goes from the s-vid out on the DVD to the s-vid in on the rf modulator. You can alternately use the av (rca) jacks and go from the 3(video, audio-l, audio-r) "out" jacks on the DVD to the 3 "in" jacks on the rf modulator. When your DVD is off, the signal will pass thru the rf modulator normally, hence the satellite signal/antenna signal will flow to the tv. When the DVD is turned on, the rf modulator switches internally to allow the signal from the DVD player to flow to the tv. Think of the rf modulator as a "tap" of sorts. It simply allows another input, but leaves existing inputs functional. Any clearer? Or worse? :confused:


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