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This fella had owned this large farm for several years.

He had a large pond in the back yard, had it fixed up nice, with picnic
tables, horse shoe courts, a basketball court, etc.

The pond was fixed for swimming when it was built. One evening the old
farmer decided to go down to the pond as he hadn't been there for a
while and look it over. As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting
and laughing with glee.

As he came closer he saw it was a bunch of young women skinny dipping in
his pond. He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to
the deep end of the pond. One of the women shouted to him, "We're not
coming out until you leave!"

The old man replied, "I didn't come down here to watch you ladies swim
or to get you out of the pond, I only came to feed my Gators!"

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