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Home server

allo people.

well home server is out and there are a bunch of us here that do have it and i assume have it installed.

and well i have some questions about it. ive posted at the ms site but it takes time for people to see it and since osnn has a lot of traffic and we all know whos out there over the years, there are some smart cookies here.

2 things.
windows home server - i have 4 computers hooked up to it and i want to have the ability to totally control them, as in power down, do drivers and all. but from the server and not through remote desktop.

is there a way?

and if anyone else has questions or anything please post. its an interesting product and yea.
Thats advanced domain group policy stuff. I didn't check to see if home server supported that or not when I had the beta installed in vmware.

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