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Originally posted by ViperSnake
What in thunder?! I thought that discussion of cracks, warez and serials was forbidden by forum rules.
If you actually read the Forum Guidelines, they say:

• Do not post copyrighted material such as retail software, visual themes or other software that requires permission before distribution.

Warez - is not allowed. This is not a forum on software piracy. This includes ‘keygens’ and 'cracks', how to obtain or install them.
luish was not asking for keygens or cracks, was he? He was merely asking if a Home key would work on a Pro installation. There is nothing illegal about that.

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Enyo, isn't there an actual difference with the keys? Maybe I'm not wording it right, but a microsoft rep told me once that there is a difference between Corporate and pro. It was a year ago so I might be a little cloudy on it?


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I have a legal Home Edition and all i wanted to know is if I can update with the same cd key to Pro....

Where can I find a way to contact MS about it ?


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Originally posted by luish
I have a legal Home Edition and all i wanted to know is if I can update with the same cd key to Pro....

Where can I find a way to contact MS about it ?
You can't update to PRO from HOME EDITION with the same CD Key You would have to Buy an upgrade due to the fact that there are different extra features in PRO. It's not just an easy change the Key thing and it's instantly XP Pro.

This is a link to MicroSquish that lists the differences/extra features that XP Pro has that XP Home does not.


And this link tells you how much it would cost to upgrade to XP Pro from XP Home.


Unfortunately it looks like you would have to buy it at the same price like anyone else would if they were upgrading even though you have XP Home. :(

Kinda sucks really.

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