Home network / 56k modem problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by nige_w, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. nige_w

    nige_w Guest

    I have XP-Home and connect via 56k modem.

    I now have a 2nd box with 2K Server installed for web development purposes.

    I have networked the two and can view shared directories etc.

    My problem is when I try and connect to the Internet on the PC with XP on it my PC freezes.

    This only occurs when the network card is installed - as soon as I take it out it is OK.

    HELP please - does anyone know what settings need updated to enable both to be installed ?
  2. Lithium

    Lithium Guest

    have you used a dif NIC? and does it freeze with others or just the one you tryed ? and what kind is it?
  3. nige_w

    nige_w Guest

    Got it sorted thanks . . .

    Network connection wizard has appeared - don't think it has appeared before - probably but took no notice

    This can now be closed !!
  4. Lithium

    Lithium Guest

    good to hear!