Hobbit director found!!!!


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21 Jun 2002
Guillermo Del Toro

"The announcement was made at last night's French premiere of The Orphanage, a Spanish horror film that Del Toro helped produce. Introducing the film-maker, the host told the audience: "Today is a big day because we are announcing what everyone wanted to hear, which is that he will be directing The Hobbit." Del Toro had previously been reported to be in negotiations to take charge of the project"

Was going to put this on the front page but wasn't sure if it was set in stone yet.

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News Posters PM me and I'll put this on the front page if deemed worthy...I think it is.
Well at least it wasn't hacked up in an alleyway or off of a main highway. That title leaves a lot of leeway.

Still good find on the director. Pan's labyrinth was pretty awesome.
hahahahaha...I'm really not thinking today. Can a mod or admin please update the name of the thread to The Hobbit Movie Director Chosen!!!

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