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HMTL scripting annoying problem



I always feel dumb when I’m asking a question, but I guess is always better to be stupid than be ignorant. Lol. I have a problem, a small problem that just annoying. I started making a web page with Microsoft Front Page, I copied and pasted a text which was written in double lines, I don’t know if you understand. Is written like this:

Text, blah blah blah
Text, blah blah blah

I copied and pasted this text on in my MS FrontPages. Here is the annoying problem, when I try to backspace and make it to single line, it doesn’t let me to do it. I have to leave all my text with double lines. Sure, I can edit the script and change the text to single line. But now, every time when I hit Enter (in MS FrontPage), I got a double line enter, and it don’t let me to write in single line. Can someone help me setting the option back to single line please? Thank you in advance.

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