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Hmmm...this gives me a good idea...



XP services and Tweaks File.
Posted on Sunday, May 05 @ 18:00:08 BST by waddy

The guys in the forums started a thread called "My Favourite tweaks" a few weeks ago. Since then it has filled up with excellent tips & Tweaks.

Ramanuman has done a great job and copied them all into couple of word Documents and then zipped it all up so we can make it available for everyone to download.

Download : XP Tweaks & Services Guide
This gives me a great idea...I'm willing to compile all these guides/tweaks/tips on one document. (either txt or doc or maybe a pdf if I have time) Is it a good idea? I really love these guides/tweaks/tips so in case if xp-erience.org goes down, I have all the things I need. Oh yeah, I won't sell it as in for money because that would be illegal and I'll put all the copyrights and patents xp-erience.org has for it. (In case some of you might say that. ;) )

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