HIV Tests, some info?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by neoterixx, Jan 31, 2003.

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    I got two tests done for HIV already and they both came back Negative, does that mean that HIV doesnt develop later on? I was under the impression that HIV even though not found during a test could develop over time, or is that AIDS, and im confusing the two?

    Also does that mean that i should get tested everytime im at the DOCTOR? what if im abstanant?
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    you should probably check out with key words HIV TEST in order to get more information on this topic :)

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    hiv is the virus that causes aids.

    having antibodies for this virus, is the most popular test to see f you have the aids virus.

    there is a period of time where a person can have contracted aids, but the antibodies have not formed yet, so the person can test aids...even though he does in fact have aids.

    I believe the false negative period of time is 6 months.

    in general, if you've gotten two tests, further apart then 6 months, and no additional behavior has been performed that can cause aids in this period of time, then you are free of the virus
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