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Highlighting address on tool bar


OSNN Addict
Just a quick question, I used to be able to highlight the web address on the toolbar mainly for pasting and copying. This has now for some reason gone. I have tried various things but without success any ideas please? Thanks in anticipation.


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When you say gone, are you no longer able to select the text to be copied and pasted, or is the toolbar gane?


OSNN Addict
No the address bar is there, the web address is present however when I click and hold the mouse and drag it across the web address it is not highlighted in black like it used to. I can still right click copy and paste its just really annoying.

I did have a look at properties, appearance and advanced but didn't find anything there.

I should add that everything else highlights ok its just on the tool bar.

I also have another strange thing happen. When I am downloading a small box appears on the top right hand corner, there is nothing on the box except at the top left its got http// cannot be enlarged but it has the usual x button on the right to close.

I have also lost the internet warning concerning downloads which used to appear on the tool bar.

I hope this is clearer to you and thanks for your quick response.


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