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Highest CPU chip with MSI KT3 ULTRA mobo...

hello, i want to upgrade my CPU chip, currently have an AMD ATHLON XP 1700+ chip, but i wanna upgrade to a 2600+, now i know my board only supports the 266Mhz version but i was wondering if i can put a 333Mhz one in there. I guess i am a little confused about the FSB cause the speed of my RAM is DDR333 (pc2700)... ins't that 333Mhz, ??? why would i need a chip with 266Mhz if mine is 333Mhz?? please someone clarify this for me, and which chip should i get? thx in advance

the 2600+ will work fine in your computer. Did you underclocked you DDR 333 to DDR266? the ram can run faster then the CPU, but now you have them both running at the same speed.


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you should be able to set the DDR to 266FSB and then turn up the multiplyer to 166 = 333FSB system.

1 thing i will say is the fact there is no guarentee to doing this, im about to do it on my Epox 8k3a+

Basically if your going to get a 333FSB chip, be prepared to buy a new motherboard, im going to take the chance, if it dont work i will wait a few weeks and get a new motherboard.


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from the latest KT3 ULTRA bios update (v5.6):
"(2)Supports XP 2400+ and XP 2600+ CPU."

the 2700+ will work, but instead os 2.167ghz, it will run at 1.733 -- the speed of a 2100+. just get the 266mhz version of the 2600+ as it's cheaper and will be a lot faster on your system.

Hey guys, thanks a lot for the feedback, btw do you guys know where i can get the cheapeast 2600+ with 266Mhz, thx


ps... wouldnt it be better to buy the 333MHz version if i am considering on upgrading?? so i would run it at 266MHZ for now then switch to 333Mhz after?


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like i said, if you got, say, the 2700+...

(167x13) 2167mhz

and ran it at 133 (aka 266)...

(133x13) 1733mhz

... it would only run at 1.73ghz (like a 2100+), opposed to it's original 2.17ghz. if you're okay with this, go ahead and get the 2700+.

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