Hiding Inactive Icons in the Notification Area



How long do icons in the notification area (system tray) need to be inactive before XP will hide them and use the arrow. What exactly does "inactive" mean? Not clicked on for a few days?

I know that I can manually hide them by selecting "always hide" in the notifications section of the taskbar properties, but I'd rather let XP do the work.

Any comments?




im not sure on how long it takes , ive looked around as i am curious too

You can change the circumstances under which particular notification icons are displayed in the Notification area. To do this, click the Customize button near the bottom of the taskbar to open the Customize

The Customize Notifications dialog box contains a list box that is divided into Current Items and Past Items sections. You can change the display status for any icon listed in either section. To do this, click the icon and then click the drop-down button that appears next to the current status (Hide when Inactive is the default setting for all of the icons). To always have the icon displayed in the Notification area, click Always Show in this pop-up menu. To never have the icon appear in this area, click Always Hide instead.

as for the timing I have no idea sorry

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