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Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe FREE!


Boogie Nights...!

" In a very smart move, Take 2 has decided to release the Deluxe version of Hidden & Dangerous for free. The Deluxe edition released earlier this year included Windows 2000 and XP support, voice-over-ip, an improved engine designed to support today's latest graphics hardware, and a slew of miscellaneous bug fixes. It also includes the Devil's Bridge expansion pack, and in-game editor.

This move is, of course, designed to get you interested in Hidden & Dangerous 2 that is set to be released later this year. Currently the free game can only be downloaded via Gigex, but mirrors will likely appear later today."

All legal!! Waahay!

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
I think it is cool they let people have it for free, and after playing for a while, it has done what they were hopeing for, I like that sytle of game ( ghost recon idea ) a team of guys out to rake havoc , so I will look at there new version now.


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