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hibernate problems =/



ok, so i've got this problem...
i use hibernate quite often, as it makes my comp shut down faster, start up faster, and keeps my progs running.

however, once in a while i get a message saying that the 'restoration image is corrupt' when starting xp - and have to do a 'normal' start.

i could've understood if this happened once or twice - after all, it is microsoft. but it happens quite often - not most of the time, but say... one time in ten.

i've got 256 mb ram, so that shouldn't be a problem, i think... anyone got some idea as to what it might be, and what i could do to fix it?


While it may help speed up boot and shutdown, hibernate is known to cause problems. I'm an advocate of avoiding hibernate and standby and just setting your hard drive and display to power down after a period of inactivity.

Personally, my system starts with everything I want running (startup folder, etc) and I don't sit and watch it boot so if it takes 30 seconds or 60 seconds it's unimportant to me. Ditto shutdown.
I also use Hibernate often, mainly for the faster boot.

I had a similar prob, and defraging the hard drive has helped, also if you run clearmem (availible from the download section of this site) before hand it can improve the time taken to enter and exit hibernation.
Are you running on fat32 or ntfs? I've found ntfs takes care of itself MUCH better then fat32 ever did - I haven't lost a single bit using it, and I've even managed to crash my system hard enough on several occasions to require a manual reset - still no corruption. Just a thought.


Are you running an anti virus program? I had the same problem while running anti virus prog from ontrack... I disabled for a week and never had a problem since. Went back to anti virus prog problem ocurred again.

What do I do now? Leave it running, never shut it down just set the hd drive spindown and monitor standby.
clearmem before the hibernate. Also about the AntiVirus, ideally it shouldnt cause hibernation instabilities but as it is actively using both processor and RAM I cant see why it wouldnt.

Bond, are you running an AntiVirus prog that is designed for XP like Norton 2002, apparently 2001 works but may cause problems.

Which OnTrack one are you using?


I am using Fix-it Utilities ver. 4.0 with all the updates. Their website says it is XP comp.
I have been running hibernate all along and I love it. Never had the issue that you talk about. It's the first OS that I have seen that it works practicaly flawless on.
Well it is supposed to be XP Comp, but I (personally) dont have that much faith in OnTrack for AntiVirus, they are great for Disk Utils, but AntiVirus I would go with Norton or McAfee. (personal opinion)


yup, i use an antivirus prog... panda antivirus. maybe it's that, then... but if it is, i think i'll continue using it - those problems aren't very serious, really.

and i have ntfs, yes.

i'll try out that clearmem prog you mentioned, though =)

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