Hi...I need help Fast



Hi to all !!
I got a question to ask !!
Well, im now living with my brother and he is a pain in the ass !!
Im sharing my computer with him
And recently, he deleted my homework on the HD and i can tell u that i am SO PISS !!
So i created user accounts in my computer and i set my account to admin and i set my brother's account to limited !!
Even though i did that, i think it is still possible for him to delete stuff. so my question is this !!
Is it possible for me to change his account so that he cannot delete anything in the HD ??
BTW, im using XP rite now !!
Help is appreciated !!


NTFS Stoner
if your admin then he cant access your personal folders from a limited account. mabey you need to encrypt your stuff, i think that stops him being able to delete them.


i dont know how to do that !!
Can u guys teach me how to ??
cause im new to computer :confused: :confused:


Honestly I woudlnt let anyone that wasn't computer SAVVY touch my system, I mean why would you want to let your brother touch your system if he is a complete idiot? I mean for real tell him to get his own system or something, why should you hard work be lost cause he is a nitwit!


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The circumstances are not the issue here.

I Think it's somthing to do with the networking wizzard, dunno i managed it once then did a reinstall of windows, slightly changed my login name and whammo. LOL couldn't read jack chitte.
So now i stay away from encryption.
Unless you go and do some group editing (haven't quite figured it out yet) then all accounts have the ability to delete files that are critical, such as program files and files used by windows.

However, if what you want is to protect your documents do the following:
Start > Control Panel
Go to User Accounts
Select your account from the list
Click "Create a password"
Follow the instructions
You should also get the option of having your files hidden. This way your "My Documents" folder will not be able to be accessed from any account except your own and the password will prevent anyone else from logging in under your account.

Hope this helps,


To make sure he can't delete your stuff. Go in under his id and password and see if you can do it. If he can't stop messing things up than password the computer so only you can get in. Also you can make a restore point after you do your home work that way you can get it back even when it's deleted!


Just Hide It

Why not just make a copy of your work, and place (ie: hide) it in another folder (C:\Programs Files\My Homework\?subject?). Then you've got your backup, hopefully somewhere he won't be messing around. :cool:

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