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Here's a router recommendation....


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the D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme-N Wireless Gigabit Router. one helluva sweet piece of tech right there. paired with the D-Link DWA-652 Xtreme-N Wireless notebook card... and you've got some serious speed. can't beat 300Mbps wireless (well... maybe with that one router that i read about a while ago that can basically give you a wireless signal into the mile range.... but probably not at 300Mbps anywhere). basically like having my laptop wired to the router.


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I hadnt heard any reviews on a N router yet, I just assumed nobody was buying them :p, glad to see its worth it. How does the range compare to a/b/g?
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N standard is still on paper as far as i recall. there are tons of pre-N routers floating on the market though, and i assume that this one is one of them.
dont think they will finalise the N standard til 2008.


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yeah, 802.11n isn't a standard yet. as for the range.... well.... i'm basically on the opposite end of the house that the router is on...... through the walls probably a good 15-20ft away.... maybe more. seeing as wireless signals don't penetrate walls well, if at all as far as i know, it has a good trip to make to get to where my laptop is now, and it's showing full strength at 300Mbps. quite good if you ask me, especially seeing as my old D-Link Wireless G router could barely make it to here, or the kitchen at half/low strength.

All in all, i'd say it's quite a good router for a non-standardized..... standard..... if that makes sense at all. If you want more pictures of it or something.... or if you have other questions.... just ask, i'll be glad to help. I'd see how far it could go outside... but a) my laptop battery sucks a**, and b)...... it's a bit on the cold side out there...... but i might.


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Well personally I'd rather wait til it's a standard but that's me. Not to mention I recently (last year) bought a Linksys G access point.
Agreed. Personally, I think there is absolutely no need to rush out and get a replacement for a G router at present. My Netgear DG834GT has enough range for me to take my laptop across the road to McD's and use it there. :)

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