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so, what are the most common bugs and hardwear problems with the dell optiplex mine is the dell optiplex with thr intel r pentium 4 2.8 gigs and with 512 ram in it i am wondering what kind of problems i can expect with it and how i can keep them from happining to me by preventive maintance

thanks thorlof


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AFAIK the only documented issues that are specific to Dell computers were problems with transistors popping on GX270 motherboards. There were also problems with some batteries for laptops, but I don't know of any besides those. I would just follow normal best practices and procedures and treat your PC like it was any other. Of course, if you run into any problems, feel free to post them here and good luck.


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I have only heard of capacitor problems with GX270's, have heard nothing about heatsinks but that doesn't mean they don't exist.


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I haven't heard of any Dell specific hardware issues in the last 5 years. Everybody had capacitor problems a while back due to a shoddy Chinese manufacturer. That problem has been cleaned up and vendors are being more careful of their supply chain now.

General rules to extend life -
1) Keep the heatsinks and fans dusted. Use "canned air" to blow out the heatsinks, fans AND power supply with the power off and the unit unplugged. At least once every 6 months, more if you are in a dusty environment liek a factory.

2) Avoid temperature extremes when the unit is On or Off. Don't leave th eunit outside in the cold, bring it in and power it right up. Let it equalize temeprature and any condensation dry out (several hours). Don't set the unit under an air duct or near a heater outlet.

3) Don't overclock, it can reduce life.

4) Try and avoid long (3 months or more) periods of storage.

5) Ground yourself to the case before opening it up and handling components.

6) Don't spill beverges into the computer...

Oh yeah. And enjoy the computer.

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We used Dell at work and now we moved to HP , I see power supply issues and hard drive issues with the Optiplex's all the time .

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They die .. look to see if it is a Maxtor if it is and its like over 2 years or close get rid of it before it dies , I have seen them die just over 1 year old.

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