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Here For Good


OSNN Veteran Original
Im Officialy here for good!! Been here for so long now and helping out and making sigs for people!

But i wasent sure i was going to stay for ever but now that this is my 2000th post! I know im gonna stay for a long long long time. (if i want to or not lol)

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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Originally posted by bman™
sounds like big deal! Yea i know, but its an acomplishment to me!! This is my family!!!!
Son, your adopted :p
Seriously, good to hear, its good to have members like you who stick around and not just post once a year when the coffee holder breaks down...

BTW, why don't you visit SP anymore?


OSNN Veteran Original
*crying silently*

why not go to SP anymore, dont know why, dont really think about it that much..maybe i should start going again! mmmm

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