Hercules 9800se AIW tv tuner probs help

:mad: i have a hercules 9800se aiw card,i have the latest drivers for the card,i have connected a aerial up to the card but when i click in tv it goes blank,but when i click on the settings tab the input device list is only giving me 2 options..either svideo/composite.But looking on the ati help files there should be another option of aerial.Any ideas.As ive tryed everything i can think of.

i have winxp pro fully up todate,and the latest ati drivers.HELP PLEASE


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have you tuned the receiver?

just right click in the tv window... go to setup and then tune... any channels that are being picked up by your receiver will show up... if you don't have cable it will only show terrestrial channels...
AIW tuner probs

Hi ,yes i tried tuning the channels in but it wont find any channnels(by the way ive only plugged a normal aerial in it).I borrow me mates wintvgo card(happauge)and it works fine...so im stumped for ideas as would rather use the AIW if poss.Anymore sugguestions to try sazar??
thanks :confused:


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I did something dumb with my new card. It came set to Cable as the source and I was using an Antenna like you. I was only gettng 1 or 2 channels til I figured it out and changed the card to Antenna.

Check if thats the problem.


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I have 3 connectors... s-video... composite and cable/analog input...

I basically select the analog input and go ahead and auto-scan for channels and have not had any problems with tuning thus far...


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that thing is designed for dual-monitor support... dual-vga... no dvi...

to the right of the cd's... the little cable there has the dual vga connectors... it plugs into the custom display output connector and voila... you have your display :D
Tv Problems

Finally got the tv card working,cheers guy for all you help & advice,basically uninstalled the driver etc,reinstalled the softmoded drivers & the control panel and it works.Many thanks again :)


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do they make a 9800 pro like that? the only reason i got a reg pro instead of the all in wonder is i love dual display

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