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ok. I slipstrem SP1 did a clean install everything went fine. Today just few minutes ago i was installing the update to netframework2 and then suddenly stops give an error, ok i said. reboot everyhting normal till i try to enter add/remove programs it gives this error: valued creation failed "at line 472. decide to reboot in safe mode and use the last good configuration, then when it boots up again still gives me the same error and now my screen is at 640x480 color quality 4bit!!!!!!

i was thinkin i was booting in safe mode but not!! Also still cant access add/remove programs. Cant use system restore cause i disable it :mad: :confused: :eek:

what i can do??? damn it dont wanna to reinstall again!! i have try to change the resolution but doesnt work, drivers are workin cant see whats wrong exept the damn netframe update!!!
If you have any skinning software like WindowsBlinds/StyleXP etc, try disabling/uninstalling it and reverting to the default Windows XP theme. Then try accessing Add/Remove programs again.



i have style xp

i just did a repair of xp from the xp cd, now resolution is fine again but still cant access add/remove programs. i'm gonna try what u said
Do that and tell me how it goes ... remember to have StyleXP completely shutdown and revert to the default XP theme before trying to access Add/Remove programs.


i disable it and it works!!!

but as soon as i enable again cant get acces to add/remove :mad:

if i uninstall it and install it again does it work?

one more thing after i do the repair of xp does i need to reinstall drivers again and/or programs that i have?
I thought StyleXP would be the problem. :)
I personally don't use it since I have the modified uxtheme.dll file, which allows me to use third party themes. I am using a custom theme and I can still use Add/Remove programs with no problems.

Try checking TGTSoft's site for a patch and if you don't find anything, you can always use the modified uxtheme.dll file.

BTW, you don't need to reinstall software and drivers after doing a repair install.


the thing is that now i cant see a 2nd harddrive that i have. this drive its connected to a pci card that has 2 channels. can i modified the uxtheme.dll after install sp1?


Of course you can renakuajo... but of course you knew that already right?

Oh wait... weren't you the opponent of installing SP1? All that hullabaloo about "Why do I need to install SP1???"

Okay... /pain in the ass...

If your harddrive is no longer being displayed, try this...

System Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager

If ANYTHING has a yellow circle with a question mark in it (or is it yellow triangle with exclamation in it???), right click it and click Uninstall.

(do this step whether the above happened or not)

Control Panel -> Add Hardware and follow the prompts.

If this doesn't work, shut down your comp, pull out the PCI card. Reboot. Shut Down, put the PCI card back in... (try another slot?)

That should make WinXP aware of it and hopefully your HDD... hope this helps


yes i was LOL and i knew that!! LOL but i did and see what happen LOL

after looking around something happen and device manager open but didnt show anything there so i cant stand any longer and decide to reformat this time i keep system restore running (just in case).

i just found that i got some virus a worm called ssbezier.scr (My Life Worm) thats what the antivirus shows......well the antivirus eliminated , but just minutes ago the antivirus says the worm is in the system restore folder, it says that deleted again but if it is in the restore could be possible that it will generate again???

one more thing: is it vital to download microsoft .net framework??? i have the 20mb download but dont wanna install the update cause that was the one that start the whole mess in my pc....and already know that!!! LOL

thanks bunny


it has been a long, long night for me......damn and still cant make my 2 pcs to see each one in the network and w/the reformat and sh*t, but thats is another story.......

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