Someone has to help. No one was reading my earlier post, it went something like this: Ok, so I downloaded MP3-Info Extension V3.3b19 and tried it out. Eh, didn't like how it changed my icons. Then I uninstalled it and now my MP3s don't have an icon like they used to. They used to have the Windows Media Player Icon but now they're nothing. I tried going into folder options and file types and changing it from there, but it's already set to what it used to be. See attachment. I just want my icons back. And the tab is still there. I need to completely destroy this crappy software. Someone, somewhere, help.


if you open up windows media player and go into the options and look at the format tab there should be a list of different types of files. if you check the box for mp3s it should reset the icons to the media player ones. if the box is checked already uncheck it and recheck it. this should fix your problem.


did you try setting another program to be the default mp3 player and then using the options in windows media player to be the default again?
Now my predicament is this: They all have the icons that mp3ext installs, but only when associated with Windows Media Player. If I uncheck the box, they have no icon. If I check it, they have the mp3ext icons. Somehow, I must destroy these horrendous icons. :-/
I think I know what's wrong. MP3ext changed where explorer (i guess) looks for the windows media player icon and now it doesn't exist there. I need to somehow change it back to where it used to look? :confused: Oh geez.
Figured out how to get my icons back. I disabled the icon handler while leaving mp3ext.dll on my system. Though basically the program is still installed and if I remove mp3ext.dll I can't get any icons no matter what I do. And i'd really like to get rid of this shi*ware if you know what I mean. :-/



Grabbing at air here...

Try going to Folder Options and un-tick "Hide file extension for known file types"

Then try re-setting the .mp3 files to open with whatever program...hope it works =\

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