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    i need help this isn't a big problem but it is driving me crazy. when i open a html document and when i close it an error message appears it goes something like this c:\documents and settings\user name\desktop\and the html file and it also writes
    there was a problem sending the command to the program. sometimes it won't open the file because of this and it also affects the perfomance each time when i want to shut down the computer the explorer.exe won't shut down i have to close it manually with end task option that is offered to me. please help me and thanks. just to mention i have professional version of the windows xp and i have office xp with front page.
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    It would help if u post exactly what the error message says.

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    oh and btw mate... just do a screen capture with print screen and post it or describe EXACTLY what is happening...

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    i load the document and check it out (it opens the document with the internet explorer) then i close it that is when it mostly happends it shows me that message in the blue screen it says C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Desktop\Files\Top Secret, and with black letters it says There was a problem sending the command to the program. that is all i do nothing else.