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29 Jul 2002

So I got approved for this jeep and all that jazz yesterday. Only up to $6006 though :(

I figured that guy should take $6000 no problem since the blue book is 5,600ish in excellent.

Then again the jeep I am looking at has some extra stuff but again I would take $6000 and so would alot of people I know. He is suppose to call us back today and let us know after he talks to his wife :(.

Anyway...I was wondering if I am getting a loan how do I go about getting a vehicle at an auction if I have a loan?

Anybody know?
I dont have to put any down and I dont know what the rate is cause I still gotta have my g-ma co-sign but I gotta wait till the guy accepts 6000 for it.
The lender (bank) should simply write the check for the vehicle and then you pay back the lender at whatever interest rate that is agreed upon.
Hmm.. Im confused of what your doing. Are you buying from a dealer? Or a person?

What did you get approved in? Bank Loan?

Edit: Makes sense now. But how do you know your approved without knowing the intrest rate.
Guy is taking $6000 for it :)

So I will be getting it today

I think she will just tell me what I will be paying once I have my g-ma co-sign

I am happy

Atleast my good ol grand prix will be passed along to my buddy for $200
Dude! That Jeep is awesome - good buy.


I get it tomorrow...would of gotten it today but I didn't know about needing a title to bring in to the credit union to put a lean on it. So I gotta get the title tomorrow and bring it in she does her thing and I get the check to get the jeep tomorrow :)

Unless something happends again :'(

I gotta pay 153 a month for 4 years
$153 a month is good. I pay $155/month -- not bad at all. :)
My insurance is $262 a month, and my average fuel bill is $118 a week. Considering I'm 20 that's a hell of a hit on the old wage packet! Count yourselves lucky that you have cheap fuel!
153 a month for payment

400ish every 6 months for full coverage

$80 a week on gas. The gas has gone down alot in this thing because of how much I been using the gas cause we have have alot of snow here the past week and last night and the mornin its really been bad with snow fall. Its hard to see past your front end.

But i was expecting crappy gas the few times to show off and go thru snow hehe
Here is a pic I just took of her...Not the best pic but its 3 degrees out and there was to much snow in my shoes.


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