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Arte et Marte
Whilst no expert, I have built a few PC's for friend and family from scratch (with more than a little help from the guys on this forum).

My problem is with my daughter's Toshiba Equium A60. As it only has 256 Mb memory loaded, and with all the Toshiba crap and stuff she has installed, it is running at snails pace.

I decided to get her a new module of memory, but when I opened the slot to take a peak at what type it is, it looks like there is NO module fitted. I found her handbook under her bed, and it states the memory is on the motherboard, and additional modules can be added to the expansion slot.

Would this be correct about memory being mounted on the motherboard (I have no experience of lappie's)?


Perris Calderon

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you can get it to run fine with 256

first thing is turn color into 16 bit, then go to the performance applet and turn off a bunch of those xp interface animations...especially the one thatleaves the contents in the window when dragging

turn off every start up but the anti virus, the firewall and the native mouse.

should speed it up nicely


Arte et Marte
thanks for that Perris - is there a link to a suitable site for doing upgrades etc for Toshiba that you know of?


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Ok on your Laptop the memory module bay is located just below the knob for the battery, remove the battery first, then (make sure you have the laptop off for at least 20mins beforehand so its not hot, also touch something metal first too) unscrew the memory cap, i'm not sure if it has one of two memory modules if it only has one you may have to just take the old one out and get a new module of a larger size 512mb. i doubt it can take more than that anyway, perhaps 1gb. Then replace the cap screw on and start the machine, this is it.

here is a link for memory in the uk:

you need to find out what the exact model is as it seems to have six variants on the A60.

Hope this helps.


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My brother's A60 was having exactly the same problem, he added 256 (buthe's trying to run Catia on this.. CAD prog) and it sapped RAM like abitch as expected, now changed that for a 512. He's hoping to popa gig in


Arte et Marte
Thanks lancer

I just did a scan via crucial - and yes its SODIMM 200 pin modules PC2700 - a 512 Mb module is £59.91.

This issue with the slots is what is confusing me, the scan that you can do via crucial (and the Balarc advisor) states there is only 1 slot and that it is full - and when I had a peek, that slot appears empty? So if it is, where is tha other slot. Do i put a 256 module in the slot and balance the existing 256, or do I buy a 512? Im sure I read somewhere that these particular modules should be paired. If i could have a scematic of a motherboard, would probably help (but nowt on Toshiba website)


Arte et Marte
Well, reading the system information via Crucial:

Standard Memory 256 (non removeable)
Slots 1 (1 bank of 1) which must be the empty one

So it looks like I can only place a single module (in the empty slot) so do I HAVE to fit another 256 or would I be able to fit a 512 (do they have to be balanced with this type of module) ?

Sorry for harping on, your responses have been appreciated.


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There's one fitted 256 memory, built onto the motherboard and one freeSODIMM slot. To this you can fit upto 1 gb of PC2700 mem, if it'sthe same as my brothers.

My bro's running 512mb in the spare slot and running nicely :)


Arte et Marte
Yup Moonwraith

that seems to be the setup - my parting shot was can I exceed 256 in the empty slot, and I guess you have answered the question. I just wondered how common was it to have a non removable module of memory on the motherboard?? maybee its just a lappie thing?

So unless I get shot down with advice to the contrary, its a module of 512 this weekend.

Many thanks


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sometimes the laptops state you need them paired, but i dont think so in this case, a 512mb upgrade will do worlds of difference to the laptop, glad i could help. (by the way see those scales at the bottom right hand corner of my post, be a good lad and click on them :) )

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