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Help With Swap Partition



On this forum itself, i read a thread where 1 guy said he had made a swap partition for XP Pro. I thought a swap partition could only be made in linux. Could someone tell me how to make a swap partition since it supposedly makes the computer faster than before(??). Any help would be highly appreciated.
depending how much ram you have a swap partition won't make your comp run faster at all.

I have a gig of ram...The only reason I ever have a partition is because Adobe Photoshop won't let you run without one. and without a partition I have yet to ever have a memory problem.

But it's simple to create a swap parition...just repartition your drive...and set the swap file to be created on that drive using the normal screen you would use to set a swap file. Technically it's evne better if you put it on a separate disk if ya have one handy :) but as I said your results will vary greatly


I have 160 MB ram, not much, but enuff for my gaming and educational needs(programming and stuff).
Dont have a separate disk tho, have 1 20 GB drive which i have partitioned in 2, one for win 98 and the other for win xp pro. i do a lot of experimenting with the comp so i need a backup. :p

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