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help with permissions...acess denied error--need serious help or its lose all my work



i have no idea how this happened but several folders on my drives other than the installation drive have suddenly restricted me from accessing them including some of the programs in my programs folder and some of my documents on a separate partition...i check the attributes and it says read only...i didnt check this...but i uncheck it...apply...then click on the folder...and a dialog box comes up and says cannot access blah blah access denied make sure the disk is not write protected...i have no idea how to resolve this...i tried logging on as the administrator (i thought i was)...it gives me 2 choices my user account which has the word administrator under it and administrator...i choose the latter and cant access the same folders, cant open programs, cant open my graphic design work...im am effectively locked out of my computer...i keep changing the read only thing under the 2 accounts but i still cant get into my own computer...please help...im royally screwed if i lose my graphic design work.
augustbleed@msn.com if you can answer me asap!!! thanks!!!


Prodigal Son
Try this:

In Widows Explorer, make sure that "Simple File Sharing" is unchecked in the Tools menu, Folder Options, View tab (scroll all the way down).

Right-Click on your folder, file, or drive you wish to alter permissions on now by selecting the "properties" submenu from the popup menu that appears.

Once you are in the "permissions" popup menu on a folder, file, or drive you have highlighted & right-clicked on, you will see the security tab.

Make sure the user has full control from there.


i went to sharing and security and tried to drag it to the shared folder but it just says access denied i guess i dont get it...it seems like im doing what i am supposed to to make this drive accessible

i mean i cant even get my email at aol cuz its one of the programs that have mysteriously given me this access denied....


one more question pleeeaaaaseeee

i ended up reformatting the partition which had my programs but the book im working on, the folder, is completely locked...i logged in under admistr. and my user name both and adjusted the permissions as per your advice above but am still locked out of the folder...it represents 4 weeks of work and i didnt make it read only...i am so freeked out by this and wut mite be the cause...please help...thats the last one left to unlock and its irreplaceable....
Try backing up the affected folders to somewhere on your harddrive and then restoring them to an alternate location without the security features. I hope these things aren't encypted... if they are they may be unretrievable.


im not sure how i finally got the folder unlocked but i did...i appreciate all yr help...id love to know if anyone else has experience something similar...it was a bg pain to reformat my programs but as least i got my word


Had this happen a few times, I boot up in safe mode, right click the file or folder, you'll see different things in the security settings like file permissions, from there i just take ownership of the file or directory and presto everything works.

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