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help with MSN

ok here is the problem
i am st school and i am bored because i have a 2 hour spare and i would like to go on my msn. the ahve blocked the URL to the microsoft download page but if there is a direct link then the download works.

can someone post that link for win 98 se???
i cant find it anywhere

and also is there somewhere that i can download winzip that is not an FTP?


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they prob won't help ya:( @ my skool they blocked download sites,as well as the ports. plus speakin from xp-erience the system admin don't like ppl tryin:p

also words such as "download" are filtered:(
well thanks for the help everyone and u know that they block the ports and that hte admin dont like it but i have found the holes and i am exploititng them to the fullest like winmx and kazza and ftp to my server at home.

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