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Help with D-Link Wireless Router



I recently set up a network, or attempted to, in my apartment on 3 computers. It consists of a cable modem, connected to my wireless router (D-Link 614+), which is connected to my desktop (Win XP) pc via ethernet cable, a laptop (Win ME) and another desktop (Win XP) are connected via wireless adapters. All 3 computers have internet. The problem comes in when I try to run an FTP off of my computer, because I suppose I need a static IP, but the DHCP assigns all 3 computers one.

What I want to accomplish is to have the Desktop that is connected directly to the router to be able to have a static IP and for all computers to be on a network.

All three computers have the same workgroup and different names. All three have the network set up on their computer but only one can see the other two, which is the second desktop. He can see both my desktop and the laptop, but neither can see his.

Is this fixable?


I have tried helping him with a static ip for the lan to forward ports easily but it didn't work - can anyone help this guy?!?
The external IP address is obtained from your cable internet provider. That one SHOULD be static.
Now, as I understood it, your router is assigning dynamic internal IP addresses to the computers on your network right?
Well, there is an option on my D-Link router to assign internal IPs based on the MAC address of the ethernet cards of each computer. So basically, all the computers get a static IP based on their MAC addresses.
Once that is done, let us assume that the computer you want the FTP server to be on, always has an IP of
What you now need to do is redirect the FTP port (usually port 21) to that IP address. On my D-Link router it comes under the Virtual servers tab.


NetRyder you know what your talking about I just didn't know exactly how to help him since I have different router (LinkSys)

Besides that he needs to setup atleast the server a static ip- does he do this under his Local Area Connection for the TCP/IP - I had him do that and it created problems for him. Doing this would secure the 192.168.1.* (* meaning whatever number you choose) lan ip so you wouldn't have to edit the port forwarding.

If you dont make a static lan ip then the lan ip's DHCP assigns depends on which computer boots up first- thats how it is with my Linksys...

so.... whats the solution...

also would it be a problem specifying i see above you posted - this again is how my linksys is setup.
I have my Server (FTP) with a static lan ip of and my computer i use daily with a static lan ip of and 2 other computers which use DHCP.
That's what I said before...
The DHCP server of the router will normally assign dynamic IPs to the computers on the network. On my router, there is an option to have the router assign IP addresses based on the MAC address of each computer. Most routers should have this option. I have seen this on another LinkSys router as well.
So. for example, if "A" has MAC address xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx ... you can have the router assign a static IP address to that MAC address. So each time the IP is assigned, it will always be the one you specified for THAT particular MAC address.


are there any bad lan ip's possible - i remember on a netgear wouldn't work for nothing - i couldn't even get online with that lan ip.


I found my MAC addresses but I was unable to find where on my router set up that I could set a static IP to one. Is there another way to do this, via Local Area Network set-up properties?

Also I can see all 3 computers on the DHCP, but when I goto network wizard, and set up the network, my computer won't find any of the others, after I ran the wizard on theirs.


I set up a virtual server in the router for my FTP. It looks something like this:

Virtual Servers List

Name Private IP Protocol Schedule
FTP TCP 21/21 always

Now, I'm running my FTP Server on Port 21, this should automatically forward all incoming WAN traffic to my Private IP with the FTP, this is not working, what else do I need to do?

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