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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Leo, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. Leo

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    Guys, I've bought a ATI Radeom 7000 64MB and i need some help tweaking it. I used to have a 810 Intel chip it wasn't that bad but the ATI card is really awesome though! One thing that's getting me frustaded is that the card gave my start menu a little lag. It doesn't open as fast as with the Intel chip so i don't know what's going on.
    Another question is that before this ATI, I bought a GForce 2 32MB and i didn't have that lag. Why is that? I mean, the GForce was only 32MB and my whole desktop was much snappier.
    Wich one is better Gforce or ATI's?????????????

    Here is a snap shot of GTA3 on ATI. Let me know what u think.
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    depends on what geforece 2 you have. Did you download the newest drivers for your radeon (ie catalyst by ati) those can really make a difference.... and be sure you have the drivers for the geforce uninstalle before you install the radeon. Thing is with the radeon they can be very unstable at time. If i were you id want at least the radeon 7500 they fixed alot of stabability issues with it. The radeon 7000 also known as the radeon ve is a pretty good card. they even make some with 64 megs of ddr (i dont know if thats the one you have) Ive seen a 32 meg one in action and it aint all that bad. Just get the drivers and you should be fine. The radeon 7000 is alos very overclockable so theres a plus. good luck
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    play around with a few drivers...

    to play gta3... make sure you dl ati catalyst driver suite 2.2 and later to have the thick fog fix :)

    its a good card.. the latest drivers are not always the best... I had a little lag with my orignal drivers (first ones for the 9700pro) but subsequent drivers have fixed that and performance is good... new catalyst drivers also do improve the overall visual quality of games and 2d/3d apps...

    bear in mind though that the 7000 card you have is NOT brand new and does not have support for many of todays latest apps/games... :) always be realistic in your expectations for your card :)
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    Thanks a lot for the help guys but i don't think that card liked me though. The game looked really crapy and even with the latterst drives installed,it didn't impress me a little. I gave that up and just got an EGeForce2 MX200 VGA and only 32MB was just pop it in and great performance appeared even without the latest drives.
    I really appreciate the help with the ATI though and if there is something i should know about the EGeForce i would really apreciate any suggestions!
    Thanks again!