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Help -What am I doing Wrong???


Yesterday the 8th of February, 2003 was the first anniversary of my current computer.

Somehow I feel neglected - I have not seen all the capabilites of this computer:

- I have never seen a BSOD, never had it crash and only went into SAFE mode once - just to see if I knew how to do it!

- I have not had to "repair reinstall", "reformat" or any of that crap - oh yeah - I have used System Restore on a few (very few) occasions - only because I struck a key in a drunken stupor and knew not which key I struck and I wanted to return things without sobering up! :)p )

- For some reason, it is just as fast as it was the day after I got it and installed NSW - which I know slows things down and is a resource hog etc - but it really isn't any slower now than it was after I initially installed it (NSW)!

So go ahead and insult me for not trying every tweak that comes along, not trying every Beta and also not installing all the latest video drivers etc (because I don't have a problem with my old ones) - I just thought a year was pretty good without a "repair" or "reformat" and I am still happy with the system!:D :D

You watch - she'll crash as soon as I post this!


:D Damnyank, I hope you remembered to send it a Bithday Card?

I bet you did`nt. Shame on you. :eek:
XP is more stable than the others...me either I haven't formatted mine yet,I haven't repaired it yet and I have seen the blue screen once only and I did system restore one time when it was infected with tons of viruses at one time.:)
besides XP...3D party programers are getting more knowledge than 5 years ago so they know what to do.

but I think the main reason that is preventing/protecting you from formatting is that you don't use it that much DY.:p
Slip a note into that floppy drive that you never use, saying happy birthday dear girl, I love you :)

Better yet, email yourself.

I mean, on my 12th birthday, the day before, I mailed a greeting card to myself ( snail mail )
Originally posted by Nick M
I wanna see his uptime :D
he uses it 10 mins a day lol and after he finishes his work ,he pulls off the cable to shut down the PC,
hint DY..press the start buttom and then go to Turn Off Computer lol :p


Ya'll mock me - I don't care - I do not run it 24/7!

I am probably up on average 8 hours per day and that in two different sessions - between which I "press the start button and click on Turn off computer".

Ya'll can laugh,mock, & insult all you want - I am happy with what I got and what I don't have to do every other week!:p

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