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Help! Weird Noise!

Ahhhhhhhhhh! I just went out to J and R a few days ago and decked out 825 bucks on a Samsung Syncmaster 170t, and now I just realized that its emmiting a low, and slight, but audible noise when turned on! Whats up with that?


Take it back dude!
Does the noise stay on - or does it go away once the monitor is warmed up? also what is the resolution and frequency u are running it at?
A lower frequency may help.
Uh. Its a dual interface monitor, and I'm currently running it on analog. Its native rez and refresh on analog is 1280 by 1024, and 60hz. Making it on 70hz makes it worse, and I can't try it with the digital cable right now. The noise is constant, and it never goes away. Maybe its the graphics card I have right now, the system thats listed in my signature is at another place right now, I somewhat moving, so I'm using my old machine right now. Its an ATI Rage 8mb.
No change. Same noise. I mean, if you turn an LCD on, and use it, is it supposed to be dead silent, or is it allright if it emmits some kind of sound?
Thanks still. But, : Here is another question, does anyone know if LCD displays emmit noise while functioning, any at all, or are dead silent?


I did not realize u were talking about a LCD screen - they don't emit any noise at all unlike a CRT - so u should take it back (unless it's not new and that's why the last guy sold it).
The noise may be coming from the power supply - is the power supply external or internal? It could be that it needs some sort of filtering.
hmm I have a samsung syncmaster 955df but it doesn't make noise...but if it did I probably couldnt hear it over my dang case fans =]
Its more of a whining noise actually. :) Thanks a lot everyone; I needed the help. Well, now on to the returns department...

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