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Help w/ partitions



I have a 60 gig (secondary) h.d. that I partitioned 20/40 w/ Partition Magic. In order to save space, I merged the partitions, saving the contents on a sub-folder of the first patition. When I attempt to access the folder w/ my files from the 2nd partition, there's nothing there. Viewing the drive , the amount of space the former partition took is listed as "unallocated". Other notes: both part.'s were NTFS, I have tried the rescue disks both when I created the 2 partitions, and another set I made after merging, but I keep getting a "missing batch file" error . I haven't attempted to use or change anything on this drive as I hope to possibly recover the files from the former partition. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.:(



well, does anyone know of a decent data recovery tool? if it's free or cheap, i might try a diy, just to make sure i can't recover before i format. thanks again, SP.
I've tested eight data recovery tools, even some $450 programs, and none have been better than Restorer 2000. And it's only $49.99. I'm quite a warez addict, but this was so good (and I couldn't find warez for it! ;)) that I bought it.


I feel your pain. Like you, everytime I've ever used partition magic at work for users data, its pretty much backfired everytime and rescue disks don't do squat. I always take an image of a machine prior to messing with partition magic because honestly I have no faith in the product other than maybe changing device letters lol. I'm considering using different partitioning software in the future because I don't see positive results with any version of the PM suite. I've tried em all from version 7-8.2 and still have problems. Granted I used them mainly on NT which sucks but it still should theoretically work.

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