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HELP! systems jigs up while gaming!



Ok, my system specs are below. I install all my games on my raid drive... and my raid drive is fast.. i nearly double my regular hard drive score in sandra with it. The probelm is that in games like Medal of Honor and Soldier of Fortune 2 the game jigs up some times for like 1 or 2 seconds. It doesnt really freez.. i can still hear the sound but i cant really move the mouse and the graphics get real slow or stop.. it happens when i get into something really complicated... like there is allot of enemies.. or i enter a place with allot of stuff.. and the hard drive light beats constantly when it jigs up. I am thinking that it is due to only having 256mb of ram because these are really intense games with allot of detail. See i figure that i run out of ram and that makes the hard drive go crazy trying to cycle stuff in and out of the ram constantly.. does that sound right.. you guys think if i got another 256mb stick of ram that would fix my jig ups? Thanks.
- Mike


Definately your RAM. Your system specs are pretty good, its the RAM that is giving you your problems. Remember, Windows XP requires a bare minimum of 128MB of RAM to run and you are only 128MB from it. I would suggest you upgrade to a minimum of 512MB.


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I don't thinks the ram is the source of ur problem but it would not hurt ur system at all to get a second stick of ram. I think the problem is one of a couple of things. 1st It could be the RAID config is causing the problem do to being fragmented. 2nd is that in the case of Medal of Honor as far as I know only sees 64MB of ram the on the video card. Or its a combine of a number of things including stuff from windows.


I don't think it's the RAID configuration since the drive doesn't have Windows data on it. It's just a drive used for his games and possibly programs.

I DO know that Windows XP does have some issues with RAID so it could be the drive as well.


I dont really think it is the drive because i get awesome performance from the drive when working with everything else.. and my sandra benchmark scores on the drive are almost double a regular hard drive. But i will install the game on my non raid drive with windows on it just to see.
- Mike

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