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The Analog Kid
ok, I've heard everyone exhaulting the virtues of system restore. So, I thought I'd try it. I didn't friggin work. Now I'm stuck facing a new install. That does not make me happy. ANy ideas what would cause System Restore not to work? All I did after setting a restore point was uninstall and reinstall some divx codecs. Now nothing seems to work correctly...
I, too, am tired of trying to get System Restore to work. I've read all the articles and tried all the troubleshooting techniques and the only thing that worked for me was to do an upgrade install of XP on top of itself. This is pretty fool proof and will not destroy all your settings. It'll also keep all your installed apps. It just takes about 45 minutes.

Try Roxio's Go Back or some other third party restore utility. If there is ANYTHING amiss on your HD, System Restore turns itself off and won't work for love nor money. It's stubborn as a mule.

There are alot of knowledge base articles you can read and try, but they won't work. Once broke, always broke until you reinstall.
I have XP on my system, but System Restore refuses to work. The only fix that worked for a while was to insert the XP CD, do an install and choose the option to do an upgrade install. It goes through the entire install process and replaces any damaged files. All settings and programs are maintained.

I read this technique somewhere and tried it on a friend's computer with good results. I then repeated it on my computer with equally successful results.

I don't know what I am doing wrong, but after setting a few restore points manually, I began to get error messages stating that System Restore couldn't run and to restart the computer and rerun System Restore. Rebooting was useless, as was all the other troubleshooting techniques. There is something set wrong and I'll be damned if I can find it.

I can see SR running in the Administrative area and all looks normal, but there are no automatic restore points and I can't set manual restore points either. I have two Maxtor 40GB drives running, have defragged & cleaned the drives. I have the default 12% setting and both drives are being monitored. I've tried turning off the D drive and just monitor the C drive with the same results. Also tried the disk cleanup option that removes all but the most recent restore point. Same result.

I renamed the WININIT.INI file that I found in the Windows directory with the same results. Nothing works. I've read the MS knowledge base articles that seem to relate to my problem, but have found nothing that seems to resolve whatever conflict I have.

So, I think I'm going to install Roxio GoBack on my system and forget about System Restore. I hate to do that, but I'm getting nowhere for all the time I've spent on this bugger.


The Analog Kid
same thing here except:

I have SR running only on my c drive. I have it set to 10%
I can set restore points and the automatic ones are set also.
Just won't allow me to actually do the install.
Some people seem to have no problems with System Restore and others just can't seem to make it work. I'm in the latter group.

When you say you can't do the install, do you mean you can't run the XP install from the CD?


I may be wrong here but don't you have to "make " a restore point from where your system will restore FROM?? A starting point so to speak. The system is looking for a place to restore "from" and if you don't have one where is it going to look?

Am I correct? I'm learning from this too. In case I have to do this.;)


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You shouldnt need to make your own Restore Points, though the ones you make yourself are more comprehensive, but XP make a "System Check Point" after certain actions like installing a piece of software and after some boot ups.

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