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HELP PLEASE!! Sony Vaio laptop, Need a video card.


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The graphics card in your laptop is not upgradable. The only upgradeable graphics cards in laptop i know of are for the Dell Inspiron XPS series (and Alienware i think not sure).


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ahhh really? i went to a computer store and they were saying something aabout a pci vid card that slids into the pci slot.


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Laptops don't have PCI slots, they have PCMCIA slots or some variant of it (some are smaller).

Don't always trust computer stores when it comes to laptops, or anything for that matter. I would contact your manufacturer directly, especially if your laptop is under warranty you need to be careful as to what you do so you don't void it. If it's not, they can still point you in the right direction.
i ckecked the sony link when i answered above. it did noy mention video upgrade for your model. what kyn said about the computer stores. if still in doubt call sony customer service.

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