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Help..please..ACPI Error......any ideas how to fix it??



I have a friend who I have been trying to help with a problem.

He has an AMD Duron 1.1 GHz with 256 Mb RAM
And the Mobo is a Chaintech with a VIA chipset (VT8363) with the latest 4in1 driver installed.
Geforce2 MX 200 64Mb (30.82)
300W PSU
SB Live
Fujitsu 40 Gb HDD
He is running Windows Xp Pro
With it he got a an Aopen 52x CD-ROM and a Samsung 16x CD-RW
The CD-ROM and CD-RW is connected to the same IDE.
(HDD seperate on its own)
When he puts in a CD in the CD-ROM it sometimes freezes-up..totally locks for him, and you can not even move the mouse. You have to push the reset button.
But if you run the CD's in the CD-RW-unit it works fine.

In the loggbook it says: "ACPI BIOS tries to read from a faulty I/O-address (0x71) which is in a protected addressinterval which belongs to 0x70 - 0x71. This can result in instability in the system". ( Lightly translated from swedish:p)

Has anyone any good idea how to tackle this problem??...
I had something similar to this, I replaced my CDROM drive, and everything worked fine. Try that, with any regular CD Drive, and see if it works. I think it should.


Thanks Nick M!

That was kind of what I was hoping it was...so much easier to change a CD-ROM...
I will go and get one, maybe a DVD...and hopefully it will get better..:)
Lucky enough I can (until it is fixed) run games, and so, with the CD-RW.


I also had to update my BIOS...then the problem went away..it is a Windows Xp issue...


I followed the instructions from MS and Chaintech. I installed new BIOS..cleared CMOS and loaded "Optimized Defaults" in BIOS... then the ACPI error message went away..but according to the support at Chaintech MoBo's I should re-install the computer...

Read about it here:

And here:

MS and Chaintech said: Update BIOS and Re-install Windows XP. So I know what I will have to do tomorrow:)
Dont install using the cd player. My friends have had nothing but problems trying to install windows or even games with a 52x reader. Its just to fast and you get to many errors. Use the burner for the install.


To get rid of the acpi error on event log

VERY IMPORTANT check in your BIOS to see if you have an option to turn off ACPI - if you don't DO NOT go any further!

1. Go to start>control panel>performance and maintenance
2. System>Hardware>Device Manager
3. Click on "Computer" (it's usually first in the list)
4. Rt click and select properties
5. Click on the driver tab>update driver
6. Choose "Install from list or specific location"
7. Choose "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install"
8. Pick "Standard PC"
9. When asked to reboot do so
10. VERY IMPORTANT when the system reboots enter the BIOS and under power management DISABLE ACPI
11. Save changes and exit
12 System will reboot and re-detect your hardware
13. No more acpi errors


ACIP, needed a competable drive for the pc. May be one thing or piece in your computer have a driver or a products that you bought for is not competable with the computer. If this things contious then i suggust you buy products that is compable with it or REBOOT IT!

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