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help needed - novice with webpage


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Hi all,

Need a bit of help with webpages as I haven't a clue with html/css etc.
I'm helping fill a gap at work and want to make a webpage printer-friendly using dreamweaver, but I'm having great difficulty because it seems to be tied in with an external template as well as using css.
The template is attached on the left hand side like the left hand menu on the OSNN home page.
I have followed some of the css video guides found on the web in an attempt to remove the left hand menu but the most I got out of it was putting a strike-through on the words on the template or changing its font. Apply the setting for it to be hidden doesn't work.

Any help is appreciated. :)

Edit: one thing I should add... the template is locked/uneditable on the webpage (can't even selec/click on that section).
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bah... i've managed to play around a bit and have hidden the template for print preview, but cannot spread the main body out to utilise the space.

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