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Help needed loading Diablo 2 LOD


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i was wondering if anyone can help with the following problem

i have loaded the full version of Diablo2 (version 1 - its an old copy) onto my PC (including cinematics)

i have then loaded the patch from the blizzard site (D2Patch_11b)

when i try to upgrade to the LOD expansion set from the CD it gets about half way through and asks for the Diablo2 play disc, when this disc is inserted in the disc drive it keeps asking for it and the LOD upload process stops

i have heard there is a patch to fix this - does anyone know what the patch is and where i can get it?

thanks :yowch:


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I remember something about this but it's been sooooo long. :D Try cleaning the drive with a DVD/CD cleaner and also check your Disk to see if it has any scratches or anything. Also try to run it on another machine to see if that machine will see it or run it. I have Diablo 1 2 and all the expansion packs but I haven't played it in a looooong time. I'll see if I have any info on this when I get home. I still have some papers I had downloaded for a long time ago.

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