help me remember the name of this game.


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ok havent seen it in a few years but in alot of arades there was this game you were a selection of planes and (it was a top too bottom scroller.) you could get weapon upgrades that gave you for example a laser that shot the entire length of the screen a really thick one... Just beat metal slug 1-5 and need a new one hehe.

Any ideas?

ug i really need to check my spelling more often if a mod see's this can you please correct the title to say help me remember the name of this game.

It was a Arcade game not a consol game btw.
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I've been thinking, but there were so many games like this that I used to play I can't really remember any particular names. Do you have any more info? I'll keep thinking anyway.


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1942 came to my mind as well, but I also remember another one that fits the description of the thick laser beam. Of course I can't remember the name of it, though.


Blame me for the RAZR's
got a screen shot of striker?

1942 wasnent that a nes game this is more advanced color wise than that.. Anyone else?

It was a Arcade game not a consol game btw.
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muzikool said:
1942 began as an arcade game, I think.
I concur, and I remember slapping those big wobbly bombers than come in with that laser.

It may in fact be the next incarnation of 42.... hmmm.

EDIT: RAIDEN ?? Could it be ?
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