Help Me Plz I Have Aol...


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4 Mar 2002
im kinda stuffed for dsl or cable till next month.
I run AOL dial up :( worst luck.

Now my problems are getting this damn PC to interface with AOL.
All i can use to post or send mail is AO goddam L.

The mad thing is the fact it worked to start off with. It has done so many times before as well.

AOL BS states that only there software will work and its a bonus if anything else does (eg OE6)

IT DID WORK !!! then packed up again.

Im so lost.

I try to hook a VPN into aol but nuttin.

it comes up with its own VPN every time i dial up but this always says "connecting"

I can surf fine but cannot post. I can read my mail online but cannot send.

OE6 just gave up on me again. when this works everything else seems to.

I got the damn thing going again somehow but i had a nasty HDD error and lost my partition (no ghost backup i know i know)

So here i am again. :(

Help me guys is there any 1 else out like me using AOL that had this problem

& any 1 without AOL with a wealth of networking knoledge please reply.

this is so tedious and i know its somthing real simple.

*sits in corner sobbing until he gets a reply.


NTFS Stoner
4 Mar 2002
Oh i gave up on firewalls since they all hate aol. I have "not" installed 1 on here since last format. and i aint clicked on the XP firewall either, so i havnt got stray .dll's blocking the connections..

(still confused)

Security is set very low. etc

what did i miss ??

oh AOL v7 latest update.

I no longer get a wan PPP/SLIP interface showing my connection speed like i used 2 just 2 10mb lan windows with the same info.

I so hate AOL but its the only 1 round here that lets me stay on 24/7

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