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Ok my computer is on my sig, but if you guys are lazy to look its a AGP mobo, DDR1 and just a single core 3500+. Recently something in my computer is dying, i would give you a screenshot, but 99% of you guys will say its a hardware issue, lets just think artifacts. Will send a screenie if you guys request it. It happens sometimes, be it playing a game or playing a movie (mpg/avi). So i figured it was either my graphics card, or my motherboard. I sort of fixed a hanging issue, when the southbridge fan kinda died and it kept freezing every game application. But i think that some sort of hardware damage has already been done to either the GPU or the MOBO. The GPU has been sorta damaged and I have posted on this forum before, will find it after to paste to here.

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My question is, Since its either one (GPU or MOBO), should I, replace the graphics card and stay on an AGP board, or replace both MOBO and GPU. Reason i ask is I dont want to spend $200 (AUD) for a graphics card as i rather just pay a lil bit extra for a PCI-express card and mobo. Is the upgrade. Just remember that i will want to use the DDR1 ram back so AM2 is not an option for me at this moment. As most probably this will have mixed feelings, i will take each one with consideration, what to take into consideration is: DDR1 reuse, conroe in the near future or now?, changing everything for the conroe?

Thx in advance.
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I would replace the board and the Graphics card. That issue could be both of what you listed. Have you checked your idle temperatures for inside of your case? Maybe your video card is overheating. Maybe your chipset got damaged from the dead fan incident. Maybe when you put the new fan or heatsink on the chipset, you may not have put the heatsink in fully, or a poor connection.

I have the Asus A8N Sli Premium board and it works with DDR1 and PCI-E.


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You will find you almost have to replace both. High end video cards in AGP are almost gone and cost much more than the same card in PCI-e.

I think it has finally reached the point where you can get an equivalent speed PCI-e MB and video card for less than the price of an equal speed AGP video card. If you can find one as fast in AGP. Plus you can opt for an SLI board that lets you upgrade to dual core and dual video cards so you will have upgrade paths for a few years yet.
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Hi thx for the reply guys, to answer Shepscrook. I have replaced the GPU with the Zalman "insert name" GPU fan. And the southbridge fan died on me, TWICE!!. damn Crappy fans, but i just feel that the damage has been done.

To LeeJend: well thats what i thought, just want to reconfirm and want the opinions of the OSNN crew.

Do you guys recommend the Conroe at this point? As it seems to blow everything out of the water? But i feel reluctant as the 3500+ would just go to waste, and also the ram.


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as you can see from my sig - I had the same setup as yourself.... (now using an X2 4200 though :) ) and I have my own way of dealing with these sort of upgrades and keeping the hardware in use. What do I do? I keep the good bits and buy the necessary parts to reuse them, so as each upgrade comes along I tend to end up with yet another computer - which i add to my network and deploy around the place.... When i get too many for my needs I make up a "free" machine and pass it along to family or friends....

So far I have only retired one system and I think that was a PII or (maybe) a PI... so my system seems to be working for me. I do not spend too much either, since I pick up roadside finds which tends to keep me in cases, PSU's, monitors (CRT) and the like...


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question is right now, i dont know what card to get, 7900Gt, 7800gtx or save a bit more for a 7950 GX2, but thing is i dont play hard games to begin with BUT i do want something that can play if the time comes, games like f.e.a.r or doom, farcry, crysis if it comes, i dunno its bit wierd for me not to get a high end card. :(. i could simply go for a 7600gt as i only mainly play warcraft. I think you guys know what imean, just want the power to be there "when the time comes".


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I'm making the move over to Conroe, in fact I'm lurking these forums looking for a decent motherboard when I noticed your post.

You're in the same delimma I am, since I am also running a AGP card and looking to upgrade. I'll share my thoughts:

Yes on conroe, I'm looking at the 6600.

Videocard, I'm planning also on midrange for now. I really don't want to spend more than $300 on a videocard right now because I know if I spend anymore, the new DX 10 cards will be on the market. And I really want to play Crysis with everything on :). I'd rather go mid range now, then go big when the next gen comes out. Then just wait for Vista...... Plus, I'm still running a 19" CRT, I think any videocard I get will run godly at my resolution of 1024x768.

Motherboards are slim picking at the moment. Only choice that seems to be floating around is the 975 intel chip. There is the 965 chip, but performance has been bad I hear. And even then there are still a lot of boards floating around with the older bios, I don't want to deal with an RMA. Plus I'm not sure there is a SLI option on the intel boards yet. IIRC the 975/965 supports crossfire. Could be wrong though, I thought I found an Asus board with SLI options but the price was pretty heafty.

I've waited this long to dump my agp card, I guess I can wait a few more weeks for better board selections.

I've been using this article as a starting point: Maybe you can pull something useful from it.

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