Help me along with everyone else laugh!

Lets start out with a big laugh. Natural or forced, doesn't matter.
"HAHAHAHAHA...." laughed Blade195 :D

By now most of you would know laughing is really good for you, both physically and mentally. It is recommended to have a big laugh at least once a day, whether it is caused naturally or intentionally.

On the top of my head, I can mention "anti-aging", "mood-lightening", and "physically rejevenating" among many other benefits a good laugh brings.

Lately, I haven't been feeling happy. Infact, I could say I feel depression quite often. Family problems. You don't want to get involved but you must.

So, why don't we post websites, movies and movieclips, songs etc. that'll give a good laugh. I once read's recorded IRC chat dialogs and they cracked me up.

I'm planning to have at least one big laugh everyday, preferably a naturally caused one. I think everyone should too, unless you have a friend that is a comedian who can make you laugh all the time.

Awaiting replies: . . . . . . . :)
Steevo said:
I laughed too much last night. And it was all natural.
Ahhh... that's great. Ummm... is it possible to put a BAD reputation scale on the forums? Hehe... j/k But seriously, that wasn't helpful at all, although, I believe that was your intention.

Your name reminds me of the guy in 'Jackass' movie. I laughed quite hard watching that one.


Johnny Knoxville having his nipple bitten by a small gator was very funny.

Jackass was funny, I thought they didn't do aswell as the TV show.

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