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Help! Kazaa bandwidth is limited!



Does anybody have an idea why I can't have a bandwidth higher than 87 (!) when I search anything in any category at kazaa??

I'm using ADSL, and I'm used to get bandwidth results at somethling like 1000 and more, or at least 800. (At best).

And even the worst results should give me at least 100-200.

I can't get more than 2-4 users who have the same file, which slows my connection dramatically!
I can't download higher than 3KB per second!!!
Sorry for being a jerk, but that's not why I'm paying ADSL for!
Needless to say that the problem is only at Kazaa (and Morpheus). Any other downloads in other sites are great! (About 200KB per second).

By the way, I uninstalled and deleted any registry that has something to with Kazaa, rebooted, reinstalled, but still no luck...
The problem is similliar in Kazaa, and in Kazaa Lite.

Another problem, (maybe it's got something to do with it, is that I can't share anything. I want to share my music foler, but I simply can't).

(Maybe it's a Service I need to activate, but I don't know which)??

I added a JPG with an example, so you can see what I'm talking about. (I searched for Madonna, so nobody can say it because I search for something not known)... :)
Please, Anybody?? :confused:
Originally posted by dreamliner77
Did Kaaza get shutdown. I can't seem to download anything
Kazaa can't be shutdown cause liek 12 people are downloading from me.

As for your problem gal...it just happens sometimes. Just depends on the node you are on...if people are downloading from you, how many people have the fiel.

Some days I don't get bandwidth results higher then 37..

Also you might want to ask your DSL provider...I know in some other countries such as australia the DSL and Cable providers have throttled the ports kazaa uses so that you can't get above a few k no matter what...not sure if your isp might be doing that...but as I said it's all about network conditions. Try choosing disocnnect, then connect and sometimes you might get a better node.


Qumahlin, thanks very much for your good reply.

You're right about what you said, that there are some DSL providers which doesn't let you use your full internet capabilities.
I don't know if my DSL provider is included in those which do that, but I'll sure ask them tomorrow.

If it's not to much of a trouble for you, could you (or anybody else) please explain to me what actually that "node" does, and is there a way I can make it use it's full potential (If that's even possible)?

Thanks a lot!

(P.S. As I wrote in my last post, I can't share any files of my own in Kazaa, and I think there's a connection between the two problems. Is there)?


Prodigal Son
Originally posted by Gal

(P.S. As I wrote in my last post, I can't share any files of my own in Kazaa, and I think there's a connection between the two problems. Is there)?
Have you imported your files into your shared folder in your kazaa program files?
i had posted a thread about..

i had posted a thread about me not getting more two users per file. i still kinda am. sometimes i will get 9 users if i keep pressing find more sources like 100 times. or if i research the file then click on all the users that have the file and i go back , the first download speeds up with more users. back when morpheus was still good, i would click find more sources and it would.

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