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Help Joining my DSL with my Domain??



Hi all, here’s the problem:

At my office I have a NT4.0 server, controlling five Win98 workstations. The domain is set up using dhcp. I have no issues with our basic network but here’s where the problem comes in.

We recently got a broad band connection (DSL) that is served up by a 8 port router which also uses dhcp to serve up connections. I do not want everyone to have access to the internet, only one computer that is designated to connect with my home PC via pc anywhere. All I originally did was put in a second NIC card and connected it to the router and BAM, I had DSL and could work on my domain.

Well, this computer blew out its hard drive and I had to reinstall win98. Now, no matter what I try I can not get the computer to rejoin the network and connect to the internet at the same time – like it did before. Only one or the other. It seems to only want to have one NIC card in it. I even tried a fresh install of win98. Still, when I put that second nic in it kills everything. When I pull it out I can connect again to EITHER the network or the internet.

I tried different NIC cards, I fooled with ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew, I’ve used net beui, I tried different PCI slots, ect. I’m stumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this afternoon I brought in my laptop which is running win2K.
I hooked it up and it worked !! No problem, joined the domain and was able to use the DSL. Unfortunately, our office application, Chiro7000, only works with windows 98. So I must get this to work with win98.

Are there any other ways I can make this thing work. Why can’t I just join the router with our office network. why could I get it to work once but not now??????????????????????????

Please help me out here if you can.




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What kind of DSL router? Most routers have the ability to block connectiosn. Bypass the 2nd NIC and plug everyone into the hub, and set restricted access to the computers that don't get internet access.



Netopia - R3100-u

Its a R3100-u.

And I no longer care about blocking anyone out.
Can I just use this router in place of the hub on
my network?????


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