Help Installing OS on SCSI drives



I have an old Pentium computer I'm fixing up for my dad to use (nothing major).

Anyhow, it has two scisi harddrives and I can't quite figure how to install Win98 on it.

I formatted both drives using the scisi drive utility that shows up during startup.

Anyhow, after waiting for that to have finished, I boot up from the Win98 CD and start the setup program.

The setup program starts, but then it says "Setup cannot install Win98 on your computer. an error was detected while trying to read or write to your hard disk"

I'm guessing this has something to do with the scsi drives.

I've onyl had EIDE drives before, any advice on how to get the installation up and going?

The computer is an old pentium pro server circa 1996 or so.


It *may* be that Windows 98 doesn't support the drives.

1st check with the manufacturer (if they're still around, lol).

Also, check out this article.

One question, you say the drives are formatted, but how are they partitioned?

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