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Help I Have A Virus


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Sorry about the title but it's very important...

I have a virus, I downloaded it off kazaa. I have no idea what the virus is called, or how I can fix it but I need to get rid of it! What happend was I restarted my computer and nothing except the essential windows stuff loaded, so I tried clicking on a shortcut and it said the program didn't exist. It said this for every shortcut, and program that I tried to open from the run or explorer. I tried to open a .txt file with CMD and I was in the prompt, from there I could open everything fine. Now I'm stuck here and I can't think of what the problem is. It's not the Marijuana virus because I don't have anything beside my system tray. By the way, when I start windows it gives me a message saying "c:\windows\system32\system32.exe could not be found."



You will probably have to do a reformat - don't restore, it will not get rid of it. Delete the partition recreate the partition and reinstal the os ...
You won't need to format at all.

It sounds like the virus has been removed (hence the error at boot and the problems running applications)

Step 1: Run the reg patch from http://www.ntfs.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=30279&highlight=reg

Step 2: Search the registry for "system32.exe" you will find it referenced in the run keys. Remove the values.

Step 3: Reboot

Prior to any of that use Housecall or Panda Active scan to ensure your system is clean.


Apple lover, PC User
Fixed. It was easy, just the .exe file thing was trying to open with winamp... weird.... anyways, i got norton so I will always keep that running now. Thanks mate.
Probably not really winamp ;) Viruses add themselves as the EXE handler so they run when you run a application.

Anyway, as long as your clean and running a updated NAV :)

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