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Help, floppy disk broken!

I am having a problem with a floppy of a friend of mine, Windows can't read the disk, telling that there is a problem with it (duh!). I already did a check with several shareware progs, they say it is in the Main folder and/or the CRC.
Help me!


do a scandisk on it.

if you have access to a win98 computer than use that scandisk rather than the winxp one.
We did (we were working on a W98 computer), but no effect. We found a program which might solve the problem, BadCopy Pro. The only problem is, the program sees the files on the disk and when we want to save'm, it says you first have to buy the program to unlock the full features. We tried finding a *cough* crack *cough*, but the school network is heavily firewalled, which won't let us go through when we want to visit 'bad' sites.
We then brought the floppy to a filesystem guru @ school (one of our teachers) and he went through the entire filesystem and he says that the FAT table is OK, but the sectors where the filestructure is saved, are gone (all 0's). We are now checking if we can find a *cough* crack *cough* for BadCopy while we are at home.
The teacher is also checking if he can restore the filestructure.
The most sad part of all this is that the floppydisk we are talking about, is his schooldisk on which he saved all his files. And of course no backup made (and we are studying for ICT-controller :rolleyes:. Well, let's say, things just happen, but I am happy it wasn't my disk)
Jippie! It worked. Some of the files were lost in the process though, but they weren't that important. The most important thing is that we finally finalize the project we were working on.

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